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Adrafinil is a potent compound known for being good for energy, focus, wakefulness, alertness, stamina, and just giving an overall mental phyiscal boost and edge. In animal studies, the most obvious effect so adrafinil is increased activity. Depending on the dose taken, nocturnal activity of monkey's increased by 2-4 times! (1) It seems to increase energy and alertness because of it's effect on catecholamines and adrenergic system. Adrafinil also appears to affect a lesser known neurotrasmitter called hypocretin.


Adrafinil is classified within the realm of nootropics, and is an over the counter alternative to the drug known as modafinil. Adrafinil actually breaks down into modafinil or modafinilic acid  within the body after being processed by the liver. For a “stimulant”, it is quite smooth, likely due to it's focused targeting on postsynaptic receptors, although reactions and responses vary from person to person. (2)


Interestingly enough, adrafinil is also said to increase charisma and social confidence, and can decrease shyness in many people. It helps to increase motivation, both within someones career and social life, although individual reactions may vary by dose and individual personality traits. Just to be cautious, it may be a good idea to take with NAC, milk thistle, picrorhiza, curcumin, and or other proven liver herbs to help negate any possible negatives on the liver. Having said that, adrafinil still shows a much better safety profile than so many medications routinely taken.  (3) note the multiple references on the bottom of the page


Suggested use Start with 150mgs for the first time, and adjust as needed. Don't take more than 300mgs per use, and take 1-2 days off for every 5-7 days using.





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