Polygonum Cuspidatum 98% trans-Resveratrol Organic Extract

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This is a potent trans-resveratrol extract from the herb Polygonum cuspidatum. Trans-resveratrol is considered superior to normal resveratrol because of superior absorption. Resveratrol has a relatively short half life, so taking it several times per day with absorption enhancers is ideal. Using trans-resveratrol with pterostilbene is also a great idea to get maximum benefits. There have been many studies done on trans-resveratrol in the last 20 years that shows its powerful medicinal range. 


Resveratrol is known as a calorie mimetic nutrient because it activates an anti-aging gene called SIRT1, or sirtuin 1. This gene activates multiple longevity mechanisms and increases cellular defenses, cellular differentiation, metabolism, gene silencing, and repair. Sirt1 helps to delay aging and extends life span in animals. (1,2)  Increasing Sirt1 in mice and rats allows some of the animals’ cells to survive in certain conditions when it would normally commit suicide (apoptosis). (3) SIRT1 can also inhibit NFkb, a master inflammatory switch in the body. It also helps to reduce the chances of tumor formation and proliferation. (4) Resveratrol activates  PGC-1α , which has also been linked to a protective role against metabolic disease. 


Trans-Resveratrol may be able to help with diabetes, pre-diabetes, and metabolic syndrome according to research. In one study with 24 people, the group given TR decreased their weight, BMI, fat mass, and decreased the amount of total insulin. This may be indicative of improved insulin sensitivity. (5) Trans-resveratrol also helped to increase neuro-protection against degenerative diseases. The anti-cancer properties of TR and pterostilbene are impressive, and it may also help improve osteoperosis and cardiovascular disease.  (6) Having said all of that, if I had to choose either pterostilbene or resveratrol, I'd choose pterostilbene because of new studies emerging and the overall half-life and absorption of it. We carry a 25% pterostilbene extract if interested.


Suggested use: 500mgs 2-3 times per day




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