Shiitake Fermented Mycelia 99% Polysaccharide Acetylated Alpha Glucan Organic Extract

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This is our potent, fermented, unique standardized shiitake mushroom extract. This is a powerful extract that can help the body in several ways.  The acetylated alpha glucans are a low molecular weight polysaccharide, which makes them much easier to absorb and highly bio-available. Polysaccharides have a powerful effect on the body and immune system, and can be useful for a plethora of health conditions. For starters, polysaccharides have positive research for the big 3, cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. Cholesterol, blood pressure, and glucose all respond positively to polysaccharides as well. One piece of research showed a reduction of blood glucose by over 20%, insulin by over 20%, cholesterol  by 25%, and triglycerides 40% in diabetic rats when given shiitake extract. (1)


The polysaccharides in shiitake also possess excellent anti-cancer and immune strengthening properties as well. Studies have shown an increase in gamma delta T-cells and reductions in inflammatory proteins produced by the immune system when consuming shiitake mushrooms. (2) In a laboratory setting, a polysaccharide in shiitake (lentinan) slowed the growth of certain cancer cells. It also stopped bowel cancer cell growth, stopped leukemia cells from dividing, and is used in Japan with chemotherapy to help treat lung, nose, throat, and stomach cancers. It can also help to decrease some of the side effects and dramatic weakening of the immune system that chemotherapy can cause. (3,4)  The famous shiitake extract, AHCC, has some research done in China showing that it helps improve the quality of life with patients on chemotherapy or radiation.


Shiitake also has a very positive effect on atherosclerosis by helping to reduce the number of harmful foam cells that are formed. Foam cells are formed when cholesterol morphs into a more harmful form by oxidizing. Shiitake helps prevent these foam cells from sticking to blood vessel walls and forming plaque. Research also shows that shiitake may help prevent weight gain, fat deposition, protect the liver, fight infections, boost brain function, improve skin health, and so much more! (5,6)


Suggested use   250-350mgs  2 times per day




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