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As a supplier and retailer of organic herbs and botanicals, we buy, sell, and export hundreds of different conventional, organic, and products in bulk. We specialize in filling custom orders of herbs and botanicals while meeting customer product specifications. Be cautious and do your research when buying products from wholesale herb suppliers. Our products are never treated with chemicals or additives nor are they handled in a way that would reduce the quality. All of our products meet the highest purity standards in the industry. We provide a certificate of analysis for every single product we carry in our inventory.

As we continue to supply health manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, cosmetic companies, and food manufacturers throughout the world with wholesale and bulk organic herbs, and botanicals, we are committed to maintaining the integrity of the product. 


With responsive customer service, rapid production timelines, adherence to cGMP guidelines, and stringent quality control, Toki Botanicals is leading the way in the nutraceutical industry.

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