Aloe Vera 98% Mucilaginous Polysaccharide Organic Extract

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In response to recent studies that have shown aloin to have carcinogenic properties, we offer this unique aloe vera extract free of aloin, made only from the inner-leaf meat. This extract contains and strong dose of powerful polysaccharides, which is the component of aloe that’s responsible for many of the profound benefits associated with it. For starters, the mucilagenous polysaccharides have an extremely positive effect on overall immune and cell health. The polysaccharides are largely responsible for the profound immune benefits medicinal mushrooms impart to the body. They seem to both stimulate and balance the immune system on a deep level. (1,2,3)


One of the most potent polysaccharides responsible for many of the benefits of aloe is acemannan. This acetylated polysaccharide has shown osteogenic (bone producing), anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-bacterial/fungal/viral, improved hydration and water utilization, modulates and strengthens the entire immune system, improves vascular flow and possibly blood pressure, may be helpful for diabetes, stimulates bone marrow activity, may help support MS with its immune modulating and healing properties, stimulates tissue and wound healing, possesses some anti-tumor activity, cell healing, soothes and protects digestive disorders such as indigestion, heartburn, hyperacidity, colitis, ulcers, and has very good detoxifying properties. Aloe Vera is renowned for healing tissue, especially intestinal lining. 


Acemannan may also be somewhat of an anti-aging substance, showing the ability to stimulate collagen and elastin production from fibroblasts. It also has a powerful effect on teeth and gums when tested on dental pulp cells. Preliminary research shows that it helps with the remineralization, proliferation and differentiation of cells, and stimulates other pathways of oral healing and repair. Athletes may also see expedited healing for injuries such as bursitis, joint pain, muscle cramps, swelling, tendonitis, and more. (4,5,6) Acemannan’s effects are so profound, it can even help protect bone marrow from damage done by drugs, toxins, and noxious chemicals.


Supplementing with aloe may also help to control and improve Candida and deleterious microbial overgrowth, which is one is a significant and ubiquitous health problems faced in present today. Candida is rarely talked about and worked with medically, but much research points to it being a significant problem in a fairly large percentage of the population. Taking aloe with food or herbs increases the effectiveness and bio-availability of the nutrients in significantly. Diabetics and pre-diabetics can benefit from aloe as well, with research showing improved HbA1C, fasting blood glucose, and fructosamine levels. (7,8)


Suggested use: 400mgs 2-3 times a day both with food and on an empty stomach. When taken on an empty stomach the polysaccharides will help with detoxification and repair, and when taken with food, they will likely help more with increased absorption and digestion of nutrients. For more intensive use, the dose may be doubled. 






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