Elderberry 25% Anthocyanin Organic Extract

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This is one of two elderberry extracts we carry, this one being more potent. Elderberry is most well known from a product called Sambucol, which is a liquid product that's sold for the flu. It is said to be one of the better natural anti-viral substances in the world. Elerberry has been used for centuries for wounds, respiratory illnesses, cardiovascular disease, and infections. Elderberry may even have positive effects against the herpes simplex virus according to some research conducted.


A 2001 study published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine made the statement that elderberry extracts are "natural remedies with antiviral properties, especially against different strains of the influenza virus”.  Another 2004 study published in the NLM claimed it to be helpful in reducing the duration of painful symptoms of the flu. Symptoms were relieved about 4 days earlier when using elderberry. (1,2) Elderberries may also help to lower cholesterol, improve the functioning of the immune system, improve vision, and improve heart health. These effects are likely due to the anthocyanin content, which are a class of plant based chemicals that have prolific medicinal effects. (3)


Anthocyanins have a pretty decent amount of research pertaining to the cardiovascular system, consistently showing excellent benefits. Studies prove that they may help improve both HDL and LDL levels, lower blood pressure, improve blood flow, decrease levels of dangerous inflammatory markers like c-reactive protein, fibrinogen, tumor necrosis factor, monocyte chemotactic protein 1, (MCP-1) NF-kB, IL-10, and may help heal the vascular system over time. In vitro work and animal tumorigenic models have demonstrated that berry anthocyanins have anti-cancer activities. They're seen to be anti-proliferative, apoptotic, and anti-angiogenic.  (4)  One piece of research showed that mice consuming the anthocyanins/cyanidins had significantly fewer and smaller cecal adenomas and reduced cell growth of human colon cancer cell lines HT 29 and HCT 116.


Anthocyanins/cyanidins interact with DNA, protecting it from discordance and forming a DNA co-pigmentation complex. It is therefore suggested that anthocyanins may help regulate gene expression and protect the DNA from oxidative damage. (5)  A piece of research showed that an anthocyanin-enriched fraction improved blood glucose levels by 33 and 51%. The hypoglycemic activities of these formulas were comparable the anti-diabetic drug metformin. (6) Other research done for Alzheimer's disease showed that anthocyanins can help reduce  VLDL (can clog brain) and beta amyloid plaque.


Suggested use: 300mgs twice per day. Dose may be doubled short term if trying to fight off flu or a cold.





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