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Gastrodia Elata is a somewhat obscure herb that's native to China with some powerful research for brain health. There's one well known company that has come out with a brain product with gastrodia as it's main ingredient. We carry a 98% gastrodin extract to use solo or with other brain nutrients. The benefits to the brain are quite incredible according to research. Gastrodia has gastro-protective and anti-inflammatory properties as well, but its forte is for the brain.  Gastrodia is definitely one of the top herbs in the world for the brain because of its ability to stimulate healing and balance.  (1,2)


Studies show gastrodia has the potential to protect against toxins, balance the level of neurotransmitters in the brain, help the brain heal after injuries, boost blood flow to the brain, and activate healing mechanisms. This means that gastrodia can help improve many different conditions due to age, injury, toxicity, etc. The self healing stimulation is so profound with gastrodin that it has been shown to up-regulate about 20% of the genes that control the brain's plasticity, healing, and growth! That's a staggering number, possibly the highest ever recorded. (3,4,5)


Gastrodia Elata may also help in decreasing seizures and migraines, which have some of the same pathology, although there are many differences obviously. Gastrodin significantly reduced the expression of certain proteins involved in the pain response with migraine headaches. Since gastrodin also helps balance neurotransmitters and increase GABA levels, it is very helpful and effective for anxiety according to some animal studies. In one study relative to neurotic anxiety, 100% of participants showed improvement with gastrodin, and most of the them were actually considered cured. It easily outperformed standard medical treatment that was used in the study. (6,7) In addition to the incredible effects for the brain, gastrodia extract can help shield and heal damaged nerves and reduce insulin resistance in people with diabetes. (8,9)


Suggested use 250-350mgs twice per day. Results are cumulative over time. Cycle if using long term




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