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This little berry from Central and South America has made quite a name for itself over the past 10-15 years.  You can find acai extracts within drinks, foods, and quite a few supplements.  The quality of acai from vendor to vendor varies tremendously, and can make or break results or not.  Depending on the concentration and processing, the phytochemicals will either be intact, weak, or non-existent.  We use a 20:1 freeze dried extract to keep the potency and original phyto-nutrient profile intact. 


Although many of the berries and superfruits on the market are overhyped and under-researched, it turns out that this berry has some respectable research behind it.  It has shown benefits for the heart and cardiovascular system because of the anthocyanin and sterol content.  Both of those classes of natural compounds help different aspects of the arteries and cardiovascular system. Specifically, they anthocyanins and sterols have been found to target and help improve cholesterol profiles, lipid peroxidation, c-reactive protein, clots, improving the health of arterial tissues, and improving circulation. Acai can also make skin look healthier by improving blood cleanliness and micro-circulation.   (1,2)


Acai is also renowned for helping to boost energy levels and the immune system, as well as reducing the irritation that causes poor breathing. The phytonutrients help to make the job of the immune system much easier, which is sorely in today’s toxic world. The polysaccharide responsible for the T cell boosting effects of acai is called arabinogalactan. This potent berry also helps to impart a subtle, but steady stream of clean energy. The effect is especially noticeable if taken in higher amounts and with other superfoods such as pine pollen, cordyceps, and mountain ant extract.


Acai also has some promising research showing effects on reducing the proliferation of certain types of cancer cells. One study done at the University of Florida showed that when acai was applied to leukemic cells over a 24 hour period, it destroyed 86% of them. Acai may also help the body age more gracefully by protecting cells from the damage and factors that cause cells to age more rapidly. The benefits don’t stop there though, acai has been seen to have a positive effect on bone health, parasitic infections, digestion, and weight control.  (3-5)





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