Muira Puama 20:1 Organic Extract

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Muira Puama, also known as potency wood, is native to the medicinal treasure chest known as the Amazon. It gained the reputation it holds from the sexual effects it has on men. Many men lose their sexual potency from the time they're in their 30's, and muira puama may be able to help. It's better when used as a whole program rather than a stand alone, but people often notice a difference with muira alone. According to UCLA School of Medicine, muira puama may  provide one of the most effective holistic, natural approaches for supporting healthy erections and libido. (1) Muira is also used as a tonic for nervous disorders and degeneration within the nervous system. One study found that muira puama had an anti-depressant like effect.  (2)


The Institute of Sexology in Paris did some research that was lead by Dr. Jacques Maynberg.  Dr. Maynberg took 262 people that had low libido and poor erections. The results were very positive, with over 60% of the men reporting a tangible difference in libido and in their ability to sustain an erection. There was another study done by Dr. Maynberg using 100 men this time, and the results were more impressive than the first study.  Most of the participants reported improvement in their morning erections, and over  50% of the men said they were now able to maintain a better erection during intercourse. Over 70% of people said their libido increased, and almost two thirds increased their frequency of intercourse! (3) In addition, muira puama also helped to increase the intensity of orgasms they had. (4)


Muira puama has a compound that stimulates nerve growth factor according to some preliminary research. This is good news for the aging brain, because it loses the ability to repair itself over time. (5) Muira isn't usually considered an adaptogen, but some evidence shows it may have some adaptogenic properties on the nervous system. There is also some research showing a reduction in some of the effects caused by chronic stress.


Suggested use -  300-500mgs twice per day




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