Blumea Balsamifera 90% L-Borneol Organic Extract

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Blumea Balsamifera, also known as Sambong, grows in the tropics of Asia and the Phillipines, and is used mostly  in Thailand, Korea, China, Africa, and India. Blumea is not very well known at all here in the states, but we try and carry as many obscure supplements we can find if they offer good benefits. It's been used for hundreds of years in Asia for all sorts of health issues and conditions, and is actually registered as a true medicine with the Filipino Food and Drug Department. Our blumea is standardized to a very potent 90% l-borneo. (1)


Blumea is used traditionally to lower blood pressure, treating urinary tract infections and kidney and bladder stones, treating/ slowing the progression of renal and liver disease,. Blumea can also help rid of body of water retention, ease PMS pains and cramps, improve sore throats when used as a gargle, soothe stomach pains (antispasmodic), defend against infections, lower fevers, improve acid reflux, relieve pain in mouth from dental procedures, and more! No wonder it's listed as a top medicine in it's main country of use. (1,2) Blumea also shows anti-inflammatory, wound healing, anti-obesity, antioxiant, anti-rheumatic, anti-platelet, anti-diarrhea, and possibly even anti-cancer properties, although  more testing is definitely needed. (3) Blumea has been tested and found effective against several infection causing and toxin producing microorganisms. (4)


Suggested use: 30mgs with food or water




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