Maca 60% Macamides Organic Extract

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Maca is a starchy tuber vegetable that grows in Peru and possibly some other places in South America. It's actually part of the broccoli and mustard family and is sometimes found in red, black, yellow, and even pink colors. Each one has slightly different medicinal properties and strengths. Our maca extract is standardized to contain a high amount of the active medicinal compounds, macamides. (1) Maca has traditionally been used as an aphrodisiac, libido, and energy enhancer.


Maca may help protect the prostate from enlargement and dysfunction. It also helps to improve sperm count, fertility, sperm motility, and enhance endocrine functioning. The nutrients in maca can help improve homeostasis that was disturbed because of stress. Maca may also have a slight anti-depressant effect. Contrary maybe to popular belief, maca does not increase testosterone, estrogen, or progesterone. There may be some very slight estrogenic effects, but maca helps to significantly improve the health and vitality of the male reproductive system. (2)


Preliminary studies show that maca may help protect the brain from damage, improve bone health and density, and improve cognitive abilities. In postmenopausal women, maca helped to reduce depression and anxiety. Dietary supplementation with Mmca may have potential effects on  postmenopausal lipid abnormalities and bone health. (3) Maca can also give the body much needed nutrients because of its rich nutrient content.


Suggested use: 1000mgs  2 times per day.




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