Polyrhachis Ant 30:1 Organic Extract

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Polyrhachis Vincina Roger, or Mountain Ant extract is a very powerful substance that most people would benefit greatly from. It seems odd to ingest ants, but mountain ants aren't ordinary ants. They are extremely nutrient dense, and carry very unique compounds that the body seems to really benefit from. Polyrhachis is sometimes referred to as the king of herbs.  Many people will feel mountain ant extracts working quickly, but some may not.  Combining the extract and the whole ant powder would be ideal for the most possible nutrients and potency. 


Nutrient analysis of polyrhachis shows several B vitamins, vitamin D, E, essential amino acids, the super enzyme SOD, fatty acids such s linoleic acid, oleic acid, more than 20 minerals, including a hefty dose of natural zinc with many co-factors. There were other unique natural chemicals and compounds such as ATP, 9-octadecenoic acid, ethyl oleate, ethyl ester, n-hexadecanoic acid, ecdysterone, bicyclic polyketide lactones, polyrhacitides, aldehyde compounds, and many different enzymes. The enzyme content and certain nutrients in this extract would likely be quite a bit higher per serving than the 30:1.  (1,2)


The benefits of this ant are vast, and include improving energy levels (which you may feel from the first dose), nourishing the blood, improving nutrient deficiencies, helping to possibly increase muscle strength and recovery, increasing the content of DNA/RNA within cells (which may have anti-aging effect),  strengthening and supporting the liver, kidneys, adrenals, thymus gland, reproductive organs, nervous system, digestive function, and more. Mountain ant also is   promote good quality sleep (don't take before bed though), improve sex drive, improve the functioning of the immune system, and may have anti-cancer properties. It is excellent for pain and can be used to help many different types of pain and injuries.  It is an overall tonic of the highest quality that most people would benefit greatly from.


Suggested use 250-400 mgs twice per day




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