Arabinogalactan Larch 98% Pure Organic Extract

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Arabinogalactan is categorized as either a polymer or polysaccharide, and comes from the Larch tree. There are many powerful polysaccharides in the world such as those within medicinal mushrooms and aloe, and arabinogalactan has proven to boost natural killer cell and macrophage activity. Research has tied decreased NK cell activity to conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple sclerosis, viral hepatitis, autoimmune conditions, HIV, and cancer. 


Restoring ideal levels of NK cell activity is associated with clinical recovery and enhancing one’s state of health.


In people with chronic fatigue syndrome, autoimmune diseases, viral hepatitis, HIV, arabinogalactan is especially effective at bolstering much needed immune activity.

When added to food, arabinogalactan functions as a prebiotic, nourishing and helping to feed the gut and colon, allowing beneficial species to thrive and increase. The specialty of arabinogalactan is as an immune system boosting and balancing agent, and is called a “novel immune modulator”. (1) Research shows arabinogalactan influences different probiotic strains like bifidobacteria and lactobacillus. It causes the immune system to be more reactive and responsive to incoming threats. (2)


More research is needed to know if arabinogalactan can be taken for autoimmune conditions. Larch arabinogalactan can also help digestion and colon health, partially because of the short chain fatty acids like acetate, butyrate and propionate that it helps create in the colon. It also helps to keep certain types of bacteria from adhering to the intestinal wall. (3,4) Start off slowly with arabinogalactan, bloating and flatulence are a common side effect from the repopulating effect.



1000-2000mgs twice per day.

Results may be enhanced if taken with potassium iodide antioxidants like vitamin C.









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