Apple Root 95% Phloridzin Organic Extract

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A plethora of research has emerged in the last 10-15 years on the potent nutrients contained within apples. More specifically, the nutrients within the outer skin are where most of the medicinal goodies are found. We carry two apple extracts to suit your needs. Our apple root extract is very potent and standardized to contain 95% Phloridzin. This unique compound seems to have its greatest effects on blood glucose, diabetes, and pre-diabetic conditions. It also has interesting anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties in some research done thus far. 


Research on phloridzin shows that it helps to suppress the cascade of events that leads to something called glycation. Glycation is the result of a protein or fat molecule cross linking with a sugar molecule without a certain enzyme, and causes deterioration and degeneration in our bodies over time. Anything that can inhibit that process, even to a small degree, is incredibly valuable. Glycation is implicated in cardiovascular, Alzheimer's Parkinson's, diabetes, and many other diseases.  (1,2)


Phloridzin also has some animal research showing that it may improve insulin resistance, glucagon response, and improve overall glucose numbers. In one piece of research done, insulin resistance improved with ploridzin, and slowly worsened when it was discontinued. Phloridzin shows protective effects on the kidneys within people that have diabetes. Poor blood supply, degenerating structures from oxidizing processes, and protein accretion are some of the issues that need to be focused on. Studies have shown that it did a good job reducing acute kidney toxicity within mice that had diabetic neuropathy. Amazingly enough, it also had the effect of increasing life span in research with mice. (3,4,5) Phloridzin may also have an anti-cancer effect, more research is needed though.


When it comes to inflammation, derivatives of phloridzin can inhibit a number of harmful pro-inflammatory molecules called cytokines. (6) Improving these cytokine profiles and markers of inflammation, which are often predictors of disease, is very important before more damage is done. Phloridzin may also be helpful for asthma, atherosclerosis, and inflammatory bowel disease. (7)  Researchers also noted an activation of the exercise molecule AMPK, which helps to activate a number of positive biological pathways, somewhat similar to those activated by exercise. (8) AMPK is a master metabolic switch that helps replenish our ATP levels, and has a multi-faceted positive effect within the human body.



Suggested use: 75mgs  twice a day with water.






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