Cistanche Tubulosa Root 30:1 Organic Extract

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We carry another standardized, very potent cistanche extract as well as this potent 30:1 extract.  Cistanche is quite an incredible herb, and much more powerful than previously thought according to some modern research. It was thought in the past that it was only good for pro-sexual type effects, but the phytonutrients have profound range for the brain, immune system, inflammation, bone, aging, and even has been shown to extend animal life span and increase endurance. (1)


Modern research has demonstrated that cistanche extract is one of the best supplements you can take for good long term immune health. It causes the immune system become more youthful and powerful. It targets a branch of our immune system that has be called the “adaptive” immune system, also known as the acquired immune system. This branch of our immunity saves us from death and sickness on a regular basis, and often deteriorates with age and toxicity. (2) What the adaptive immune does is help customize the specific type of defense on invaders, allowing for maximum effectiveness and long lasting protection. A healthy adaptive immune system not only destroys invaders, but also the toxic molecules that those invaders produce in order to survive and multiply. (2) It also helps us remember the treatment with each type of invader so the next time it's easy to defeat that specific pathogen. (3) 


Other research done has shown that cistanche has powerful anti-aging, anti-fatigue, cognitive enhancing and protecting effects. Research shows that cistanche helps increase several neurotransmitters, oxygenate brain cells, stimulate nerve growth factor, restore health to damaged neurons, and increase learning and memory.  Cistanche is also a powerful antioxidant, which adds to the protective effects. Studies done on rats have shown improved swimming times in animals. The research showed that it caused a decrease in lactic acid, creatine kinase, (marker for damage) and lactate dehydrogenase, while improving glycogen storage and hemoglobin levels. All of these things translate into significant improvements in endurance and possibly athletic performance. (4-6) Cistanche hasn't been tested extensively for human athletic performance yet though. Research also shows that cistanche extends lifespan in animals. (7-9)


Suggested use: 400mgs twice per day with water.




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