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Longjack, also known as Tongkat ali, is an herb that comes from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam mostly.  Indonesian tongkat is sometimes considered the best, but it really depends on the extract quality. Many places carry 100:1 and the highest was always considered a 200:1. We now are one of the only places to carry this 300:1 tongkat extract for maximum potency. Tongkat is a very unique, powerful herb that many men enjoy and can benefit from. It is often considered one of the top herbs for male libido, performance, strength, and testosterone enhancement.


There are several pieces of research elucidating long jack's testosterone boosting effects. One study tested several parameters before and after taking tongkat, and showed a significant increase in total and free testosterone in both sexes. (1) Previous studies have shown tongkat to help stimulate the release of testosterone, reduce fatigue, improve sex drive and libido, increase semen motility and volume, sperm quality, and improve well being. (2) In another fairly recent study, tongkat supplemention was compared to placebo using the SF-36 quality of life survey, and the tongkat group showed significantly higher scores. One positive side effect of tongkat is that it helps to slightly reduce bodyfat over time with people that have BMI's of over 25. Further research is needed though.


Another 8 week study showed that tongkat is a valuable ergogenic aid, and helped subjects to increase their strength and lean mass compared to placebo. (3) Interestingly enough, tongkat helped to decrease tension, anger and and confusion. Stress hormone profile was improved as well. It's interesting tongkat decreases anger because most testosterone type boosters do the opposite. I have heard some say it has increased aggression and anger, and dosing/cycling is very important. Tongkat may help to decrease estrogen as well. When tongkat is used as part of a libido and erection enhancing supplement regime, it will take the results to another level. Nutrient enhancers like piperine and ginger may also improve the results.


Suggested use: 250mgs twice per day. Take 1-2 days off for every 3-6 days of use.




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